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Before booking a Level 2 or 3 workshop all learners must have completed the following at least 7 days in advance of the workshop date:

Submitted a completed LAP

Submitted answers for 2 x Mock Exams  

The LAP & Exams will be marked against the required standards.

Booking will be confirmed when learners have passed their LAP & Mock Exams by achieving a minimum 70% score.










Workshop / Assessment Times:

10:00 -16:00 on both days

In preparation for a workshop learners must ensure that they:

(1) Bring a completed copy of their approved Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP) 

- Including Programme Templates & PT Mentor Practical Worksheets.


(2) Dress in smart gym attire for both days and bring workout kit for the practical elements.


Food is not provided but there is a cafe onsite & food outlets close by.


Overview of the workshop / assessment days:


L2 Workshop Day:

Exam 1 - L2 Anatomy and Physiology Exam

Exam 2 - Principles for Exercise and Health Exam

- Practical review and assessment practice (client assessment & PARQ)

L3 Workshop Day:

Exam 1 - L3 Anatomy and Physiology Exam

Exam 2 - Applying the Principles of Nutrition to a Physical Activity Programme

- Practical review and assessment practice - Training Systems


Assessment Day:

- Practical Assessments

- Learner Evaluation


Exam Resit Charges




Please arrive on time for all workshop and assessment days as latecomers may have to re-attend.

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