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Become an Academy

Be your own industry leader

What do you say when somebody walks into your gym and asks "How do I become a personal trainer?" 

Do you think you have what it takes to educate the future of the fitness industry?


Do you want the opportunity to build your own Academy of personal trainers?


In a year's time you will wish you started today!

                                                                                     Boffit's experience spans over 20 years in Personal Training,                                                                                      PT Education and PT recruitment. Having built successful PT                                                                                      teams across the UK for some of the industry's largest PT                                                                                          brands Boffit knows exactly what it takes to be a successful                                                                                        leader in today's competitive environment, and now it's                                                                                              your turn to Become your own Academy.

                                                                                     Most likely you have been exclusively recommended to us                                                                                        by one of our experienced industry partners as a club with                                                                                        potential to be an industry leader. For a small investment                                                                                          we will show you in 5 easy steps how to;


select the right team member to run your academy, up skill them to mentor your invested learners, cultivate your Personal Training team and ultimately increase revenue streams whilst simultaneously enhancing your member experience.

Click on the buttons below to discover more about our academy solutions, our available courses or contact us for a no obligation discussion on your specific requirements.



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