About B-Academy

Who we are

B-Academy was set up to answer the question, 'What do you say when someone walks into your gym and asks'..."How do I become a Personal Trainer..?" 


Since then we have become the go to place for PTs to provide their learners with our unrivalled support package towards a level 4 qualification.


B-Academy is a referral based course provider, every B-PT is referred by an affiliated B-Academy PT Mentor who in turn was referred by an affiliated B-Academy Talent Scout. B-Academy's attention to high standards ensures that all of its graduates are not just industry standard, they are industry ready!


Talent Scout

Provides B-Academy with recommendations for PT Mentors. A Talent Scout has vast industry experience and will usually hold a national or regional position managing large PT teams across the UK, or they will be a highly regarded PT Manager or Trainer with a wide network of PTs. The Talent Scout role is simple; to provide B-Academy with the best PT Mentors in the industry. If you would like to be considered for a Talent Scout role please contact us to talk further. 

PT Mentor

Provides practical training to their enrolled B-PTs whist B-Academy takes care of the rest. Working in conjunction with B-Academy the PT Mentor is responsible for generating and training the industry's future Personal Trainers. They will promote B-PT to their existing clients, membership base and social network of followers. B-Academy PT Mentors provide experience as well as knowledge, every great athlete has a great mentor. If you think you have what it takes to be a B-Academy PT Mentor please contact us directly to discuss your credentials.

B-Academy PT Mentor job description

B-PT Package

Do you want to be Industry standard? or Industry ready? 

Qualify to a Level 4 standard with B-Academy and along the way receive the best of the industry's experienced mentoring. A course can be short term but a mentor is for life. If you want longevity in your career choice then get yourself referred. Need us to find you a PT Mentor? Please contact us now to assist.


Active IQ PT Diploma

Advanced PT Level 4

B-You Package

A ready made easy to follow 90 day online programme. 

Removes high costs, time restrictions and location obstacles from your fitness decision making and planning.

Need more info? Please contact us today.


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