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About BOFFIT PT Academy

Who we are

Boffit PT Academy was set up to answer the question, 'What do you say when someone walks into your gym and asks'..."How do I become a Personal Trainer..?" 


Since then we have become the go to place for clubs to cultivate their own Personal Trainers with our unrivalled Academy Solutions and learner support package.







For a small investment our Academy Solutions will show you how to develop and support a successful Personal Training culture and member experience in your clubs whilst simultaneously driving down staffing costs and increasing revenue.


It is very straight forward for us to do and we’d welcome the opportunity to do this for you.

The Boffit PT Academy is a referral based management and education team, every club and new learner is uniquely referred to us for our unrivalled support. Our Academy solution's and high standards ensures that all of its graduates are not just industry standard, they are industry ready!

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