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B-Academy Tutor/Assessor Service Level Agreement


The B-Academy team is committed to providing the most robust service to our learners and as such the standards set by our Tutors/Assessors is of paramount importance to us. As one of our leading Tutors/Assessors we would like you to follow certain protocols and procedures set out below to ensure our standards are maintained at the highest level.


Presentation and Uniform


  • As you are representing ‘B-ACADEMY’ we expect nothing less than continued professional standards of personal presentation, ensuring you present yourself and     ‘B-ACADEMY’ in a professional manner whilst in the company of our learners. It is your responsibility to set an example to all other students by attending any venue in appropriate, clean and ironed attire, paying particular attention to presentation and hygiene levels.


  • There will be occasions where you will be the sole representative on behalf of                ‘B-ACADEMY’ during all learning sessions and assessments, how the students view you reflects on ‘B-ACADEMY’.  We do insist that all communication between yourself and our students remains positive, professional and appropriate.


Pre Course/Assessment Expectations


  • The week leading up to any course/assessment start date, we will provide you with a list of learners due to attend together with a list of courses to be assessed (if applicable) including detailed information of any special learning requirements necessary. Where possible we will also outline a running order for any assessment day so you and the students know what time they’re to be expected.


  • ‘B-ACADEMY’ will send you all relevant paperwork via email prior to any course/assessment start date. All tutors will be requested to print off all documentation required for the course/assessment in question/or this will be provided within your course tutor file. This will include exam papers, answer sheets, summative assessment sheets and reflective practice sheets as well as the learner register and feedback forms. Exams papers that have been printed off from a previous course can be re-used so long as they have not been written on and the answer sheets have not been seen by anyone outside of ‘B-ACADEMY’. In the event that an exam answer sheet is lost, you must inform the office via email within 24 hours so that we can take the necessary action and where required, and inform the awarding body.


  • Upon confirmation of your role within ‘B-ACADEMY’ and indeed for each course you will be involved in the delivery and writing of, Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans these will be checked prior to any course start date. It is important that all elements highlighted on the SOW are covered during the course delivery. However, you are free to amend the Lesson Plans should you feel the need to with the written consent from




  • Courses/assessments will commence at 8-9.30am within an agreed assessment venue located throughout the UK. We are currently active within many sites, with assessment dates booked for a number of venues throughout the year. Each venue is open from 6am-10pm Monday-Thursday, 6am-9pm Fridays and from 8am-8pm Weekends. Should you wish to enter the venue earlier than the stated start times or stay beyond 6pm to carry out marking of portfolios for example, you are free to do so. Should the venue opening times change for any pre-arranged date, ‘B-ACADEMY’ will inform you ahead of time where possible.


  • In the event of the learner needing to complete an exam on a given assessment day, you will also be responsible for both invigilating and marking the exam papers. All results must then be input into the learner portfolio and copies of the exams posted to ‘B-ACADEMY’ at the address outlined below.


  • ‘B-ACADEMY’ would like you to be present at your given venue at least 15 minutes prior to the course/assessment start time to familiarise yourself with the gym layout, equipment, class room areas or studio and also to have your paperwork ready for the arrival of the students. If you are running late for any reason please inform the learners directly and should you start later than anticipated, you can extend the course/assessment times to ensure the learners receive the time required for the day.


  • All course/assessment days are allocated 8 hours and any delivery/assessments should not finish within that timeframe unless either all the course material for the day has been covered, or, in the case of an assessment day, all the learners have been completed. Break times are at your discretion based on the learners present and the content to be delivered etc. However, we do recommend a 45 minute break for lunch and a 15 minute break in the afternoon.


  • Should questions arise from a learner on subjects you don’t feel comfortable answering e.g. course costing, certification etc. Please direct them through to customer support at


  • In the case of the course being delivered face to face/in classroom, such as with L2/L3 PT, you will be responsible for making sure all equipment required is present and correct, with the area for delivery having adequate heating/lighting ready for the learners to arrive. Should you experience problems with the venue/equipment, please make a member of the Gym staff aware and notify ‘B-ACADEMY’ immediately if an issue arises that cannot be rectified.




  • ‘B-ACADEMY’ will try where possible to allocate tutors to venues/courses within their locality, however, as part of tutoring for ‘B-ACADEMY’ it may be necessary to travel to locations outside your local area to tutor/assess courses. We have access to over 100 sites throughout the UK that may from time to time require a tutor/assessor to be present at various times throughout the year. If the potential travel poses a problem for you, please state your desired area of work and we will, where possible, look to accommodate you.


  • ‘B-ACADEMY’ ordinarily confirms all Assessment dates for each course at least 6 weeks in advance. In this instance, we do ask that all tutors remain committed to the dates that have been agreed with them as last minute cancellations by tutors/assessors can put pressure on the course itself, which can result in learner complaints and potentially refund requests. Should you need to cancel and agreed date for any reason, we ask that you provide at least 7 days notice via email. In the event that ‘B-ACADEMY’ cancels an assessment/course, we will also commit to providing at least 7 days notice to you in writing via email.


Quality Control


  • ‘B-ACADEMY’ has various policies and procedures in place to monitor both the quality of our course material and that of the course delivery. It is your responsibility to adhere to the correct course structure when delivering content to our students as set out in the SOW/Lesson Plans provided. When marking any portfolios, you must also adhere to the awarding bodies assessment criteria and provide adequate feedback to the learner, paying attention to the readability of any notes made.


  • As part of our continual quality control measures, ‘B-ACADEMY’ reserves the right to conduct spot checks on both assessment days and webinar delivery without notice. Our IQA will also request samples of marked portfolios from you at periodic stages throughout the year to ensure our standards are maintained and to satisfy awarding body’s requests as they arise.


  • To conform to awarding body requirements, ‘B-ACADEMY’ requires copies of all qualification certificates pertinent to the course being tutored/assessed from each Tutor/Assessor/IQA involved in the business as well as proof of current First Aid certificates and PLI cover as a consultant to the business. Work cannot be assigned to you unless these documents are on file. It is also your responsibility to ensure your First Aid and insurance documents are up to date.


Cancellation Policy


  • If a course of study needs to be cancelled for any reason, ‘B-ACADEMY’ will aim to inform all parties involved no less than 7 days prior to the designated start date. Although ‘B-ACADEMY’ will always strive to ensure all courses undertaken are followed through to completion, in the unlikely event that a course needs to be cancelled after the course has started, we will ensure all parties involved are notified within 24 hours from the date of cancellation via email with a follow up phone call.



Course/Assessment Completion


  • Please return all paperwork once marked to ‘B-ACADEMY’ via post to 31 St James Avenue, Farnham GU9 9QF within 7 working days post course completion/assessment. Or alternatively, should you have received leaner portfolios via email, please send through to within 7 working days post course completion/assessment.


  • Once the course/assessment is complete, please send all registers and learner feedback forms through via email to no later than 12pm on the following day post course completion/assessment.


  • Please send all invoices through to these will be settled on the agreed payment term from the date received.




‘B-ACADEMY’ values teaching staff and encourages continuous professional development throughout your teaching career with us. Improving teaching and learning is a core aspect of our business and we aim to support you in achieving further qualifications. Staff discounts on courses are dependent on your commitment and role within the organisation and will be agreed in writing by ‘B-ACADEMY’, after you have completed a 6-month probation period and undergone a staff appraisal meeting with us. Please ensure you follow correct protocol and procedures at all times to avoid breaching educational codes of conduct and company policy.


Centre Contact


All enquiries should be sent through to unless communication with another representative of ‘B-ACADEMY’ is ongoing.

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